A Natural Path to Healing: The Profile of Dr Richard Linchitz

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Dr. Richard Linchitz is a true Renaissance man. You’ll find him on television, Youtube, Facebook, Google, for good reason. He graduated with honors from Cornell University Medical Center and board certified by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology, the American Board of Pain Management, and the American Board of Anti-aging Medicine.

The author of “Life Without Pain” which focuses on meditation, exercise, diet, biofeedback, self-hypnosis, imagery and the more esoteric Autogenics, a medical, therapeutic technique for relaxation and self-regulation of the body. It uses a series of six standard formulas repeated over and over to stimulate physiological responses in the body through the autonomic nervous system. This was a landmark work written in 1988, before traditional Western Medicine became spiritually “liberated”.

In the 90’s, however Dr. Linchitz, a serious tri-athlete, was diagnosed with “terminal” lung cancer although he never smoked. There were times he felt hopeless and he realized that his doctors only had surgery to offer. He had one surgery and they discussed chemo and radiation. “But,” he says, “...the average lifespan of a lung cancer patient was 7 months--and with chemo it was 8 months.” He researched chemotherapy and radiation and found the treatment was “absolutely abysmal” and said “There has to be another way.” He wasn’t about to succumb to what he calls the “Poison it, cut it and burn it” medical approach to the disease. “I spent my entire life on the Internet doing research calling experts, finding data on what is available and looked at the whole picture of cancer.” He learned that cancer treatment funding is from drug companies, “...so they are going to study drugs and are not interested in curing anyone because curing them means they lost a customer.”

Dr. Linchitz was living a healthy life when he was stricken, so the first step was already in place. He concentrated his efforts on natural remedies and lifestyle choices, and cured himself of cancer. After bringing about his own recovery, he founded his unique Wellness Facility, and has since dedicated his life to helping people overcome and prevent illness in the most natural and least toxic way possible. The treatments he recommends address the whole, unique individual.

Dr. Linchitz can be reached directly at (516) 759-4200 and www.LinchitzWellness.com

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