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Queen Victoria said to her beloved Disraeli “Thou wouldst not spake thusly of me had I been born crested instead of cloven!”

Bob Thaves, 20th c. humorist, said about Fred Astaire: “Sure he was great, but don’t forget Ginger Rogers did everything he did backwards…and in high heels!”

Nancy Engelhardt, designer with Paul Tonna of the Energeia Partnership at Molloy College said “It is due time that we take responsibility for our own. If you are on your way to the top, take a woman with you.” This is a book about inspiration. Nancy’s journey from a million dollar high tech entrepreneur to the Energeia Partnership is a powerful one. Her faith and confident spirituality is the energy that takes us with her in a flight to freedom.

I have had the great privilege of speaking with a number of women for whom I have great admiration; Roz Goldmacher, CEO and President of the Long Island Development Corporation; Terri Alessi, President of the Hauppauge Industrial Association and Teresa Rizzuto, Commissioner of MacArthur Airport—Each a dynamic whirlwind of talent and energy. Perhaps the day has more hours in it for these focused and successful individuals than it does for me. I am simply humbled to have met them.

Four women, Donna Drake, Marianne Rosner, Michele Michael and Erica Prince write about their successes and how they were achieved in “In Her Own Words”. A fascinating look at overcoming and becoming.

My first job was as a copy editor for the International Division of A Very Famous Encyclopaedia. When it came time for a promotion and raise, the dunderhead jock who worked for me got it. I confronted the boss and sputtered how the fellow who got MY promotion was an alcoholic and gambler, not as well-educated as I, and since he was new, had not earned a promotion…the smug, elderly senior editor arched one eyebrow, smiled and simply responded “Quite frankly Barbara, we don’t take young women very seriously...” My face flushed with humiliation and anger as I listened to him pontificate that since I was young, “they” statistically had every reason to believe that I would bear a child within two years and NOT return to the workforce, hence trashing their “investment” in me. While this was said to me during the Dark Ages of my youth, shockingly it still happens in 2012. Read Virginia Russell’s article on pay equity, and tell me if you hear what I hear.

The spirit of giving and charity are not always about writing a check. Pam Winikoff writes about Jenn Sommermann who has created a triathalon to raise funds to combat ovarian cancer, a disease that strikes terror in the hearts of women.

Find that “Balance” between work and Family precarious? Ten tips from Gloria Ciolli might make you a little more comfortable.

We also have the NEW Astrology! Check it out and learn who you REALLY are!

Pay careful attention to the words of the wise women written here.
Welcome to the “Good Old Girl’s Club!”

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