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Innovation has always been Long Island’s story and it remains the key to our position in the Global Economy. During wartime Long Island companies produced the aircraft it took to win, and all Long Islanders can feel pride that the first man on the Moon was put there by Long Island-bred technology. Dr. Sharma's Foreword "The Global Economy and the Innovation Machine" is a must read. Our Universities, rich in technology and remarkably affordable attract the best and the brightest from around the world to our shores...not only for a sterling education, but eventually for business as well. For a more detailed perspective please read Dean Vogel’s article, "International Students Contribution to the Economy."

A Global Economy does not depend entirely on technology or incoming students however, so we have a number of stories in this issue that will show you how you can participate by exporting or manufacturing overseas. Andrew Hazen's experience with off-shore manufacturing holds a bit of vision for the future, and Patti Stoff from the Long Island Import Export Association has written "So, You Want to Sell Your Product Overseas". Both excellent sources of wisdom for the would-be export entrepreneur.

Process is critical, so we have words from George Likourezos regarding International Patents. Susan Sadocha from the US Commerce Department has also contributed to this issue.

No Global Economy could be complete without immigration. A hundred years ago, my grandfather told his mother "The streets of New York are paved with gold. Me and my cousin Salvatore are going. We're wearing baggy pants with big pockets so we can carry pick axes. When we get off the boat, we'll quickly chip out just two bricks of gold for each of us. It should take half an hour, we'll jump on the next ship home and be back before you know it! We'll live like kings forever!" In a way, they did find gold because they got jobs immediately digging the NYC Subway, and were paid on the spot, and continued to work in America all the days of their lives. During that time in Italy, there were no jobs. No opportunity.

Over a business breakfast recently, Kamlesh Mehta, Chairman of the South Asian Times and an immigrant from India eloquently stated "I did not come here poor, I have a prominent family and I am in business for myself. There is a continual flood of immigrants. Eventually, they become the strength of the country. There is a beauty and a reason why we are the dominant economy of the World, and that is the immigrants."

Dr. W. Hubert Keen will step down as President of Farmingdale State College in June 2016. The College has grown mightily during Dr. Keen's 9 year tenure, and his vision must be credited with the phenomenal growth in enrollment (a staggering 30%) and academic programs, most notably STEM, economics and IT. During Dr. Keen’s presidency, Farmingdale State College also became the home of the 110 "Smart Grid", and the "Smart Energy House", which was featured in The Corridor issue Sustainable Energy & The Environment, 2015. We would be remiss in our praise if we did not mention the opening of the New School of Business, Directed by Dr. Richard Vogel, Long Island's leading economist. Please see his article in this issue, "International Students Contribution to the Economy".

As a further testament to the quality of growth under Keen’s leadership, the school, whose roots lie in two-year agricultural programs, will now offer master's degree programs in the School of Engineering Technology.

Dr. Keen's illustrious 40-year career in academia includes positions as Provost and Vice President for academic affairs at Farmingdale, interim president at the College at Old Westbury, special assistant to the system provost in the State University of New York, and provost and VP, academic affairs at York College in Queens, City University of New York. His PhD is in Ecology -- he is also a Fulbright Fellow.

We wish Dr. Keen great good fortune and look forward to his next endeavors.

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