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Silicon Island

Wireless technology is ubiquitous to the point that the end user invariably becomes intimately involved with it. Our "Personal Devices" have become the next step in human evolution, adding terabytes of knowledge to our mainframe flesh and blood brain with an auxiliary hard drive packing unlimited Internet access. From here, we can catch a glimpse of the Infinite Universe.

Although Long Island is small, within a distance of 100 miles between New York City and the East End we have a beautifully diverse population of intellectuals, academics, scientists, inventors, artists, writers, trades people, government, entrepreneurs and a stellar collaboration between the State University system, private education and commerce. We also have a new digital economy that enjoys robust growth and attracts the attention of private and government investors. Silicon Island. New products and new markets from the people creating them right now.

I am honored to have had the opportunity to spend time in the presence of world class thought leaders like our cover features, Russell Artzt, Dr. Satya Sharma, Dr. Yacov Shamash, Dr. AnnMarie Scheidt and Dr. Arie Kaufman, and even more so to be able share them with you. Together they are the soul of CEWIT, the powerhouse research and education facility at the Stony Brook Research and Development Technology Park.

The CEWIT mission statement is to "Conduct first-class interdisciplinary research and development in wireless and information technology; foster new enterprise development; and address the skilled technology worker shortage." Since its inception in 2003, it is clear that CEWIT has exceeded its goals. A quick run by the numbers show:

  • Over $160 M in industry commitments match $50 M state capital award
  • Almost 700 jobs created/saved by CEWIT and industry partners
  • Almost 400 industry and federal projects completed
  • 123 Invention disclosures
  • 40 US patents issued
  • 23 licenses
  • Over 680 research publications
  • 4 new startup companies based on CEWIT innovations
  • More than 50 industry, academic and research partners
  • More than $150 M received from federal and industry sponsors

Articles from CEWIT are threaded and related to other articles in this issue. Some edited so that we non-technologists can understand their importance to society and the economy. Our Cornerstone Interview is Peter Goldsmith, Long Island's "Godfather of Tech" and President of LISTnet; the Corridor Conversation is with Lance Ulanoff, Editor-at-Large with Mashable, a popular social media blog.

We invited investors to tell us what they look for when making a tech investment-- in "Tips from the Top". We’ve also invited inventors and entrepreneurs to show us what they’re working on in "Tech Start Ups".

We are also pleased to feature Dr. Roz Goldmacher, whose column adds so much to The Corridor; and more too from our partners at LIFT. The creation of this issue has been an intense and exciting time. I hope you enjoy it.

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