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Sustainable Energy & The Environment

Long Islanders have a disappointing history and rocky relationship with energy--probably the most widely discussed and heatedly debated issue on LI. Our high energy costs are an economic burden and obstacle to growth. Our rates are second only to Hawaii. The Shoreham debacle set us back 30 years technologically and financially, and while some experts claim the "debt" is paid in full, others will tell you "...Well yes, the debt is paid, but the cost still lingers..." And what about tomorrow? Please read A Little Background to see how the Editors of The Corridor really feel.

Ideally we would each own our private, income-generating energy resources. Art Wilson, building visionary, accomplishes this in an Almost Off the Grid community on Long Island. John Rigrod, publisher of Hammer Magazine, takes a tour of Art's community.

We asked the experts about energy policy on the state and local level, and talked to leaders, innovators and adaptors to give us their perspective. Beth Fiteni, Sustainability Coordinator at the Community Development Corporation of LI assures us that "Change is on its way. It looks like with current programs and planning, there are many bright options for Long Island to save energy and money, show leadership in NY State on greenhouse gas emissions, and also prepare for future storms." Another bright ray of hope comes from Lisa Broughton, Energy Director and Bio/High Tech Specialist, Suffolk County Department of Economic Development and Planning, who tells us that Suffolk County leads the region in clean energy.

Everybody seems to think we can do better. Some are doing the absolute best they can in light of multi-level tiers of command and responsibility and the failed attempts to install solar collectors on public land and rampant "NIMBYism". Which leads us to Editor Vivian Leber’s conversation with Michael Voltz, Director of Energy Efficiency and Renewables at PSEGLI.

Our Cornerstone Interview is with Neal Lewis, Director of the Sustainability Institute at Molloy College. Neal’s "hands on" approach goes beyond the classroom and the not-for-profit world.

We at The Corridor are proud of our "High School to the Boardroom" approach and pleased to offer, among others, brilliant articles by Dean Nada Anid, Ph.D., of NYIT, David Hamilton of Stony Brook University and our annual accolade to SBPLI, The School Business Partnership of Long Island, High School Robotics Challenge.

Sustainable Energy & The Environment is a robust issue, but there just weren't enough pages for all of it. Questions, kudos and nays to


The LI business community loses two powerful advocates this year; Mike DeLuise, President of the Melville Chamber of Commerce and Linda Mitchell, President of the Huntington Chamber of Commerce have retired.

Mike was the founder of the Melville Chamber and comes from a splashy background in entertainment, news and education. His ability to speak with anyone about their business, offer advice and a cup of coffee has been a huge incentive for many new entrepreneurs. The programs and events he introduced to the Melville Chamber grew it from a handful of locals to a regional powerhouse.

Linda's gracious demeanor and willingness to assume responsibility pushed the Huntington Chamber to prominence. Her background in education served the Chamber well in program construction, innovation and finesse. The Chamber supports Leadership Huntington, a unique and valuable adjunct to chamber offerings.

Among the qualities they shared were a keen understanding of solidarity, a deep passion for the Long Island business community, and sparkling personalities that engaged all. I do not believe either one can be replaced, and hope that their successors are as successful and motivated has they were. We wish them great good fortune, greener other-sides of the fence and much happiness.

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