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Spring 2010

There are certainly challenges to running a successful business in the year 2010. There are also great rewards and many fantastic opportunities if we decide to take advantage of them.

Amazing technological advances such as a Smart Grid that are now available to our organizations enable us to perform in our every day operations in ways that would have been considered miraculous just a few years ago. There are so many benefits of incorporating a Smart Grid on Long Island that we would be pretty dumb not to welcome the idea. A Smart Grid will strengthen our defenses against natural and man made obstacles to our energy demands. With the ability to incorporate all energy generation and storage we will not find ourselves tied to any single technology. Most importantly a Smart Grid will allow consumers to play an active role in the response to their energy needs.

Simply put, moving to a Smart Grid will be an intelligent move for Long Island as we take advantage of a system that will efficiently allow us to manage our energy needs with a wide variety of the most effective and cost conscious resources available. With a Smart Grid in place businesses all along the Rt. 110 Corridor can maximize their energy efficiency, conserve energy, cut costs and bring larger profits to the bottom line. A Smart Grid is a winner for all.

Michael DeLuise,
Vice President for External Affairs,
Dowling College,
Oakdale, NY 11769-1999

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