Nothing fuels my hope for tomorrow more than learning about new ideas and businesses sprung from the Strategic Alliances between industry and education. I spent a morning at the CEWIT Incubator Company Showcase. Forty startups showcased their products, with samples and talking points, from IT to granola. These are a few of them-more to come!

Applied DNA Sciences
Actually a security solutions company, Applied DNA Sciences uses DNA as a forensic tool to identify labeling fraud and other product security issues. Their SigNature® DNA, is based on plant DNA which contains millions of bits of information provided by nature. Is it real or is it counterfeit? Only DNA can tell for sure! “We are not afraid to be tested in court. We are not just a warning sticker on a door: SigNature DNA technology enforces deterrent value with real, proven results.”dna


Add BIOCOGENT to Long Island’s ever growing list of BioTech products.  To keep us young and beautiful, Biocogent provides products and services to the personal care and cosmetic industries. They develop and commercialize anti-aging, skin-renewal systems and advanced moisturizers. The sample moisturizer I tried was remarkable, with a dramatic difference in about ten minutes that lasted all day.biocogent

Brimes Energy
Brilliant. Wave energy. We are on an island. We have infinite waves. No-brainer. An elegant, natural response to an ever-growing issue.   Brimes energy was’s 2015 award winner for “Innovator of the Year”.brimes

COPIA Granola
Gluten Free Granola. I had the hazelnut/fig-wonderful product.


Hamptons Brine
They produce several types of sauerkraut and “shots” of fermented beet juice. All quite tasty.


Subtle Tea
Long Island (virgin) iced tea on tap. Very bright, natural flavors, and the “bar” scene is visually appealing.


Vascular Simulations
This is a training device for vascular surgeons. It replicates the angiographic environment and responds to a procedure as a human would.vascular

Alpha-1 Biologics

Of patients who need statins, approximately 20% of the 75 million in the US are unable to use them due to genetic variances.  Alpha-1 Biologics lowers cholesterol physiologically for those patients.ambigen

VitaTex Technologies for Life

VitaTex is a cancer diagnostics company providing circulating tumor cell-enrichment technology and products for revolutionary blood tests or liquid biopsies.



Misook’s Ginger Tea

Startling, organic beverage.  Even ice cold it’s HOT!


Progen LifeSciences

Medicating is often hit or miss.  The Doctor will say “Let’s see if this works…”  Progen’s products customize drugs based on your own physiology and your body’s ability to use them.

progenMillenial Materials

Millennial Materials’ nano-fabricatio technology is being used to produce all-carbon, chemically linked, customizable 2D and 3D coatings, films and porous materials.


Millstone/Killing The Long Island Sound?

I am a beach-comber. One Spring about ten years ago I plucked my first bit of sponge coral from a cold, rocky beach in Huntington. I examined it carefully and looked it up on the Internet. It appeared to be a species that is only able to thrive in water temperatures between 73° and 84° […]

Nov 012014

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Dear EPAct 179D Supporter, As you likely know, EPAct 179D expired on December 31, 2013. EPAct 179D is one of 57 expired tax incentives. Members of the Senate Finance Committee have indicated that this time around they may pick and choose which items to extend. It is our understanding that over the next 2 weeks […]

Jan 142014

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Guest Editorial Walter Oden: Long Island Branch Manager, U.S. Small Business Administration Here at the U.S. Small Business Administration, we know that health care remains a top concern for small business owners across the country, and I want you to know that the Affordable Healthcare Act takes significant steps to make healthcare coverage more accessible […]

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