Making it LEGAL!

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May 172017

The history of legal medical marijuana in the US began in Syosset, Long Island. Anna T. Boyce, RN, suburban mother of 2 watched as a cancer patient used pot to manage his pain and increase his appetite.

As a student nurse she had visited a cancer ward and smelled something unusual. She mentioned it to her guide who responded “It’s marijuana. We allow it because it eases pain, increases appetite and inspires a positive attitude in the patients.”

Over her years of maturation as a medical professional, it was proved to Ms. Boyce over and over again, that marijuana had desirable properties that prescription drugs could not approach. A devout Catholic from a family that neither smoked or drank, she immediately recognized the power of this very inexpensive, illegal substance.

Anna Recci-Boyce, became the author of proposition 215 that legalized medical marijuana in California. The rest is history.

We completely expect Cannabis to be legal very shortly in NY State.Anna

Long Island is in a unique position to capitalize on a number of booming industries that can be tied to the legalization of Cannabis.

Beginning of course with our fertile farmlands on the East End, surrounded by water—the glorious great blue Atlantic Ocean to the South and the mysterious waters of the Long Island Sound.

Our world class beaches are already famous and a short ride into or from Manhattan (NYC).

We firmly believe that Long Island can become the Amsterdam of the East.

Jun 062016
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2015 Industry Coverage

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Nov 012014

We hope you’ve enjoyed The Corridor’s 2014 offerings to our business community. We’ve scored some big successes this year, in our Long Island Capital, Building Arts & Real Property, Transportation & Infrastructure and Silicon Island(c) issues;, all of which are archived here; and have been able to keep pace with and sometimes leap ahead of […]

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Jan 142014

Most of our heroes are still intact, but SOME of the people we hoped would shake our world in 2013 fizzled out by February. Among those who exceeded expectations are Eric Alexander who continues to defy convention and forge forward rebuilding Long Island from the infrastructure up, while engaging us to join him. Then too […]

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