We learned in the past 24 hours that the MTA tax has been declared unconstitutional. We need to recognize those people who were in the forefront of this pushback. As far as I know the first person to articulate this inequity was Bill Schoolman, president of Classic Coach and Hampton Luxury Liner. Bill asked LIMBA to take up the cause and we did. We gave Mr. Schoolman an opportunity to lay out his case one morning and the response was not immediate but he was able to garner support from other business leaders. Subsequently we gave another morning over to Schoolman, and then Schoolman solicited the support of Jack Kulka. Kulka is one of the most resourceful people we have in the business community. I’m sure Schoolman and Kulka were the prime moving forces in bringing together a great number of other business people and the support of local political figures.

I am not able to tell you the names of the many others that brought about this victory, But we at LIMBA are quite proud to have had some influence on this process. And, of course, the battle is not over, so we should be circumspect about using the term “victory.” The MTA will appeal this decision, but rest assured LIMBA will align ourselves with the principals that are determined to bury this unfair tax.

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