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Dec 032012

My staff and I spent months researching “Convergence.”  We spoke to Long Island’s innovators and leaders, took notes, photos, recorded interviews and visited  manufacturers and the Morrelly Homeland Security Center.  We were quite satisfied that we had assembled an excellent book featuring Technology stars, emerging technology, emerging markets and near-legendary personalities.  Almost ready to go to press when Sandy hit.

Suddenly technology failed us.  After a few days in the dark, technology became further away — less important than clean water, hot food, a shower and a warm place to sleep. Plunged back into the Dark Ages, huddled around a fire, if lucky, we ate cold food out of cans with flip top lids.

I am no Luddite though, and even while in the dark remained a steadfast believer.  I believe that technology is the answer to almost everything, and is in fact, the next step in evolution for Humankind.  Our minds and bodies are enhanced and strengthened by technology in the form of computers and electronic prostheses; it heals us, teaches us and if we believe, it nourishes the Soul as well.

I think too, that technology can be the great, global peace-maker and that projects like SESAME, The International Centre for Synchrotron-Light for Experimental Science and Applications in the Middle East, (q.v. created under the auspices of UNESCO in May 2002, and founded by the governments of BahrainCyprusEgyptIranIsraelJordanPakistan, the Palestinian Authority and Turkey)  are the absolute key to unifying the species via shared technological goals and environmental issues.

This is The Corridor’s offering to you.  A look at Technology on Long Island through the lens of the incredible institutions that nurture it and interconnect its separate parts  to build new ventures and inventions.  We take you inside Long Island Forum for Technology — the very face of technology today. We also spoke with new tech/business paradigms like List-net and a number of organizations like AITP, IEEE, ACP.  Ours is the best-educated workforce in the nation and the most technologically sophisticated.

Deepest sympathy to the victims of Superstorm “Sandy.” We will grow strong, rebuild and recover. Thank you to FEMA, the American Red Cross, Island Harvest, Long Island Cares, The Salvation Army, AmeriCares, Long Island Food Not Bombs, The Long Island Volunteer Center, Pay it Forward NY, Babylon’s Citizens, the Long Island PhilharmonicThe Paramount of Huntington, our churches, schools and networking groups for food, shelter and warmth…the merchants who allowed us to charge our phones and use our computers and their wi-fi … and all the out-of-state people who came to help us…among whom are many Victims of Katrina.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


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